March 8th 2014 my son Jeremy Schofield married one of the sweetest young ladies I have ever meet, Meagan Houghton.
Meagan was the answer to my prayers, the perfect life long companion for my son and the perfect step mother to my granddaughter Alyssa.
She loves God with all her heart and puts all her trust in him.
Jeremy as many people know is the kindest, most giving man you will ever meet.
The wedding was great with lots of friends and family in attendance.
I was able to get them a room in OKC for a couple of nights for a mini honeymoon, with the
real honeymoon coming later this year. They have been saving what money they can for the
honeymoon and was really counting on the money that friends and family gave at the wedding.
The problem is someone stole the box with all the cards and money.
We were all devastated to hear this happen to two such amazing people.
They contacted everyone to tell them if they wrote a check to cancel it, but unfortunately everyone gave cash. 
I wish I had the money to give them personally but I don't and I just want to cry every time I think of it, so I setup this website
praying it would help them. I am also willing to provide my photography services for a donation to help them.
You can see my work at

Thank you and God bless, Michael Schofield